Super Sixty’s 60th Reunion





Dear Classmates,

This is the first edition of The Gouge for our 60th Reunion.  It summarizes intentions and planning to date.  We will provide updates from time to time, as we did while counting down to our 55th.

The intent of The Gouge is to provide principal Reunion information in one place and to serve as a ready reference.

Our Reunion Survey in 2016 determined a strong preference for a fall reunion in Annapolis.  The intent is a September weekend that includes a home football game.  September ensures we avoid the fall boat shows and the Alumni Association homecoming weekend - all crowding Annapolis during October.

The Survey also confirmed the most important Reunion activity is time with classmates. The principal “all hands” event is an afternoon banquet along with the football game, both within the stadium. Company / Battalion parties are planned, plus unscheduled time enabling personal contact with small groups or individual classmates.

The specific weekend in September cannot be determined until the American Athletic Conference (AAC) season football schedule is released, likely in early Spring of 2020.  While this is a recent change, it affects all parties equally; teams, reunion planners, hotels, vendors, and service providers.  We are working hard to achieve the reunion events you see attached.  We want any surprises to be good ones.

Reunion Committee: - Should you have any recommendations or questions, please contact any of us at any time. We will do our best to respond promptly. Additional members will likely be added as the scope of planning grows.

Schedule of Events (prelim): - We have set aside plenty of time for Battalion / Company parties and personal gatherings for smaller groups of classmates.

Hotels – We are presently in contact with several hotels to give us the best experience possible, but again, until we know the specific weekend that Navy will have a home football game, we cannot lock any of them up. Please recognize other classes have this same problem.

Keeping In Touch:  - Reunion registration and payment will be done online using the Alumni Association website. Please ensure you have an AA account and that it is up to date.

Please pencil in September 2020 for our 60th Reunion. We will send you updates from time to time as planning progresses. We look forward to seeing all of you.

Your Reunion Committee