60th Reunion Preliminary Info


In September 2016, we conducted an online survey requesting preferences for our Reunion

(time of year, location, duration, and principal activities). The response to the survey was

summarized separately (See Summary).


You can see that 40% of the classmates on the current email list completed the survey. It is

logical to think there could have been greater feedback. However, reviewing the numbers, we

believe those who responded likely include classmates that will actually attend. We judge the

survey provides a good basis for planning and we are proceeding accordingly.


It is too early to determine specifics such as dates and headquarters hotel. However, the

following picture can be provided. Annapolis and football weekend were strong preferences.


Location: Annapolis


Time of year: September 2020, 3 - 4 days.


Format: Football weekend at home including tailgate


What we intend to avoid: Homecoming Weekend (scheduled in October) and Boat Show



You should also appreciate that virtually all our Annapolis area “reunion veterans” have

volunteered - again - to support staging this 60th Reunion. These guys (and ladies) know how

to do it right! Please say “thank you” to them whenever you have an opportunity.


We will use this website to provide more information as it is determined.


Pete Chabot (443-624-0094), Bob Gamba (410-353-9884)

Reunion Co-Chairs